Nikhil Banerjee playing Bilaskhani Todi was recorded in Bombay in 1965 at a music circle concert. Tabla accompaniment is by the late Nikhil Ghosh. The complete concert is on a 2-CD set, almost 160 minutes long, with an alap in Bilaskhani Todi (with a very unusual tabla tarparan) and gats in Jogiya Kalingra and Bhairavi.
Download 48 second sound sample, the beginning of the alap in Bilaskhani Todi (553K).


After the sound file has fully loaded, you can save it to your hard drive by clicking and holding on the file link (below) and choosing the "download file (or link) to disc" otion from the popup menu.

Download: Bilaskhani Todi alap: MPEG-2, 96Kbit/s; 553K
The name of the file is: bilato96.mp2