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Welcome to the new Raga Records site devoted to mp3 files. We finally have plenty of storage space and unlimited bandwidth, so check back to see what's new.

MP3s of Gokul Nag, Manilal Nag's father and guru.

The main Raga Records website is: http://www.raga.com/ where you will find complete info on our CDs, booklet texts, photos, interviews, discographies, reviews, tour details and more...
When clicking on the mp3 file links (after going to the artist's pages), BE SURE TO CLICK AND HOLD until the popup menu comes up ("save link to disc" or similar) so you can designate where on your disc you want to save the file. You will then be able to play the mp3 file with any mp3-capable player, such as Windows Media Player (PC) or Quicktime Player (Mac).
Note: If you just click on the file link, and if you have configured your browser to autoplay mp3, a player will launch and start playing the file. Save the file to disc AFTER it has fully loaded. If your browser is not configured to play mp3 you will get a white box or similar. You should still be able to save the file to disc after it has loaded.
If you have a slower modem you may want to start by trying one of the smaller files from the Nikhil Banerjee page.
We recommend saving the files, as they will not be here indefinitely. We will want to use the server space to make other things available.
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